You Will Get a Day Tomorrow… by Dorthe Enger

By | September 17, 2012

My favourite Norwegian children song was written by Norwegian poet, Alf Proysen in 1967, and translated to English, it has a chorus that goes something like this “You will get a day tomorrow that is pure and unspoiled, with clean sheets of paper and crayons to go with, then you can correct all the mistakes from yesterday and you will feel great tomorrow night. But if you do not make it, and everything is just as sad, then you will hear again the soothing voice coming through the pine tops:
You will get a day tomorrow that is pure and unspoiled, with clean sheets of paper and crayons to go with.

Already as a child I knew that this was good stuff, no matter how much trouble I was in, or how bad I screwed up, I always believed it would (most likely) be all good by the end of the next day…

Now, many years later, being an entrepreneur I’m finding that the lesson that I learned from this chorus, is one of the most important lessons that I ever learned.

The entrepreneurial road is no doubt incredibly exciting and fulfilling, except for the days in between that are polluted with worry or self doubt, and then you have all the mistakes that are done along the way that tend to leave you feeling frustrated or ashamed and sometimes even useless.

Those are the days when Proysens song comes in extra handy, “You’ll get a new day tomorrow…”.
The message is so simple that it’s easy to take for granted and forget it’s importance.
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Questions for you – share with us below!
Do you have any childhood stories that still inspire you?
Do you believe that you can restart with a fresh day and why?

Because it is true, You will have a new day tomorrow that you can make into whatever you want. You can stay where you are, or you can enjoy something new. Instead of reliving the past, or disappointments that have already occurred, you can be brave and move on, turn the page and let go. Instead of beating yourself up over mistakes that are done, you can choose to forgive yourself and find the lessons to be learned. Instead of getting stuck in a recycled destructive thought pattern you can allow yourself to try a new direction.

So if you’re having one of those shitty days, remember that you’ll for sure get clean sheets of paper tomorrow, but it’s up to you to use your crayons to make it better than today, and if the drawing is not to your liking, there’s always a new day coming right up.