Welcome To The Fabulous Female Network!

By | July 22, 2012

Welcome to the Fabulous Female Network!

We are beyond excited for the opportunity to connect, celebrate and empower amazing fabulous females – around the world. The Fabulous Female Network™ is providing inspiration, education and information, featuring localized content from various cities to make it easier for women to connect within their own business community, as well as being inspired by women nationwide and globally.

We strongly believe that women are their own tribe and that by staying connected and supporting each other, the stronger and more successful we will be.

One of FFN’s fabulous features is the videos that we have created to share stories and advice on how to make your business dream into reality, and how to sustain, improve or grow an existing one.

Through our FFN videos, featuring fabulous female entrepreneurs, experts, and organizations from all corners of the business world, we hope to inspire and encourage women to always move forward in all aspects of life.

One of the easiest ways to get started is to follow the simple advice from the founder of Nannies On Call, Michelle Kelsey, “Dare to take the plunge!”

We are here to lift you up and share the truth.

Starting, growing, or keeping your business dream alive is far from easy. However, there is great comfort in knowing there is always someone else that has been through or is going through the same obstacles as you. As Rachel Sawatzky, Founder of Cocoa Nymph Chocolates and Confections states in her interview, “One of the hardest things starting a business is asking for help, so ask for help!”

Another resource that will help make a difference when making big changes, is finding the perfect mentor to help guide you. Forum for Women Entrepreneurs is one of the many organizations out there that provides an excellent mentor-ship program that has guided numerous women on the road to their success. Interim CEO of FWE and co-founder of Blo Dry Bar, Judy Brooks, has been a mentor herself for years and in her video, she explains to the FFN viewers the great importance of having a mentor.

Ravy Mehroke, founder of the successful franchise, Bombay Brow Bar, is one of the many women that has been mentored by Judy. She started out in 2010 with an idea that wasn’t born yet, but a strong passion for beauty and business, and a great mentor led her to where she is today.

We want you to be the best you can be.

To better serve your needs we have created an Advisory Board made up of fabulous high-profile businesswomen, entrepreneurs, and authors. Together, they cover a variety of fields within business and will be sharing their knowledge and advice with you.

Stephanie Sang, founder of Granted Consulting is part of our board and is among our first featured experts and is giving you her best advice for getting grants for you business.

As Life Design Coach Heather White explains in her wonderful lesson about authenticity, “your business is really just an extension of your personal life”, so we promise to provide you with lots of fueling inspiration for both.

To make sure you stay powerful and confident, FFN will give you weekly dozes of beauty maintenance both on the inside and outside. We have put together a fantastic Beauty Council, consisting of some of the most recognized expert within inner and outer beautification in your city, to ensure that you always get the best advice. We will also be giving away the most amazing makeovers from fabulous females in your city.

We are here to listen.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any thoughts, ideas, suggestions, critique requests or anything else that might be on your mind.

With tons of love