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Meet Amy, Debbie And Rhodie – Founders: Joyride Cycling Studio

Lamenting the lack of a local boutique cycling studio led three Connecticut women to open their own. Amy Hochhauser, a self-described “recovering” attorney had moved to Westport, CT when her second son was three.  During lunch one day with her friend, Debbie Katz, Amy said, “I wish we had a great spinning studio here.  Someone… Read More »

Meet Meredith Hubbard and Tracy Gohl – Founders of Easel Does It

While at a play date, each with two kids under six years-old, Meredith Hubbard and Tracy Gohl were discussing budget cuts in the creative curriculum at their schools. The women had similar backgrounds in event planning and teaching preschool and being involved in the arts and theater. They met during the economic crisis a few… Read More »

Meet Karen Schulz – Founder of Gramma Napoli’s Marinara Sauce

For years, Karen Schulz dreamed about starting a business around a cherished family recipe. But it took 12 years for that dream to come true. She left a job planning events for Mercedes-Benz to start her family, not knowing if or when she would ever launch her venture. “The hardest part was putting my dream… Read More »

Meet Christine Dimmick – Founder of The Good Home Company

A good book can change your life. That’s what happened to Christine Dimmick, founder of The Good Home Company. At 25- years old, she read The Artist’s Way, a book which encourages people to find their true self and figure out what they are really meant to do. After attending Parsons School of Design, she… Read More »

Meet Daphne Mitchell Founder Of Whale Island Press Stationery Company

An artistic friend inspired Daphne Mitchell to create an innovative stationery business. Her friend, Tori Samuel, is an illustrator who created drawings around letters. She was making baby gifts by spelling out the name of the newborn with her drawings of alphabet letters. When Daphne saw Tori’s creations she had an idea.  “Tori’s work was… Read More »