Spoken Word Artist: Melissa Beauvery

By | December 4, 2014

Meet Francesca Andre – a talented photographer and filmmaker who has joined the FFN team. She’s working with FFN co-founder Jane Applegate on Jane’s film and video projects…

In this video Melissa Beauvery, of Haitian parentage, was born in the United States. Growing up in Brooklyn, she was surrounded by the lilt of Creole; the language was very much a part of her everyday experience. Her new spoken-word CD, “My Grandmother’s Tongue”, which the video highlights, depicts her experience as a Haitian-American woman. She talks to Global Voices about her inspiration for the project, the importance of oral tradition, Haitian culture and the close-knit community that is the Haitian diaspora.


Francesca Andre, a graduate of Fairfield University is a freelance photographer, including for New York Post. Her work has been published in New York Daily News, News Day, CT Voice, Stamford Advocate, Daily Mail, AOL Patch, Arise magazine, She Caribbean and many more. Francesca also has directed and produced several videos on women for the Fanm Kanson Network. She is a big fan of avocado, and loves to cook especially with organic extra virgin olive oil :) . She is all about learning, growing and evolving.