Money Shifts

By | June 27, 2014

Financial advisors Marissa Cepelinski and Allison Warnyca provides a creative approach to financial planning. They are committed to making it less of a scary and intimidating topic and more of an empowering one.

With discussions exploring our meaning on money and our relationship with this currency of exchange, they work to take away that dark cloud we often place on money and debt. This allows for the opportunity to rebuild our relationship with money more clearly and objectively, enabling one to make financial decisions that are more consistent with ones’ goals.

In a recent presentation called “The D Word”, Marissa and Alli discuss critical steps to help women take control of their finances. The two first steps that they recommend are very simple. The first is to start looking at the entirety of your financial picture in detail. Get all of your account statements, investments, credit card, credit line, insurance statements all out in one place. Get to know your numbers. Sit with them. Become friends with them. Write everything down, every last detail and… stay calm. ;-) Keep breathing. No matter what your finances look like, it actually will start to feel better once you become clear about where you are at.

The next step is to leverage the support, and expertise of others. Alli discusses how when she was a yoga teacher, many people would tell her they don’t do yoga because they are not flexible. This is of course how you get flexible! It is the same thing with financial planning. People come in all the time saying they are not in a place yet to see a financial advisor, because they are not organized or don’t have enough money saved. Yet, this step is critical in order to take control of your finances. Marissa emphasizes THIS is how you get to that cash positive place we are always striving for- you leverage the expertise of others.

Studies show that 45% of men feel confident in making financial decisions and only 23% of women feel the same. With 53% of women being the primary breadwinners, Marissa and Alli are committed to bridging this gap by building a platform to educate women to feel more confident and well prepared to make financial decisions. They have been speaking at different venues and look forward to continuing to build exposure with more events to come. Check out their website at or find them on facebook and stay updated on upcoming presentations and workshops!

Marissa Cepelinski is a passionate, driven and highly successful leader with over eleven years of experience in her field. She is the co-founding partner of Capital Core Financial, a Vancouver based financial advisory team. Marissa has always been driven by a strong desire to understand and help people by showing them ways to implement creative strategies towards their financial success. She has worked most closely with high net-worth individuals and business owners and now leads her team by providing them with the necessary tools to create individualized financial security plans that suit the needs, goals and dreams of our clients. Marissa studied at Western University where she paired business with psychology, recognizing the importance of understanding human behavior for successful financial planning. When Marissa is not hard at work, she can often be found channeling her passion for adventure into creating social change. Community building is a fundamental value in Capital Core Financial’s mission and Marissa passionately gets involved every chance she can. 


Alli Warnyca is continuously on the quest for big, beautiful balance in her life, and helping others achieve the same. She comes from a yoga and wellness background, and had been teaching yoga for over 10 years when she ventured into the world of finance just over 3 years ago. Understanding the connection between the mind and body, Alli brought this into her practice when she became a financial advisor with Capital Core Financial. She focuses her practice on helping people achieve their dreams through financial wellness and empowerment.