Meet Katrina Carroll-Foster

By | August 31, 2012

FFN introduces Advisory Board member, Katrina Carroll-Foster

With the FFN community growing everyday, we are so pleased to have Katrina on board. Katrina understands what it takes for companies to thrive and grow in the best ways possible.


Katrina is the co-founder of the NYC based e-commerce start-up Hoseanna – a site dedicated to giving women the best options for legwear when and where they need it most. In addition to keeping ladies’ legs outfitted perfectly, she is also a brand & marketing strategist who focuses on growth-oriented start ups.

Katrina has also led marketing, communications and sales for some of BC’s most well-known brands including Intrawest, Opus Hotels, and the Rick Hansen Foundation. She currently leads the Steering Committee Chair for FWE (Forum for Women Entrepreneurs), where she has also served as a mentor and speaker. Katrina previously served on the board of Dress for Success, and founded Y.E.S! (Young Executives for Success).

So, you can see why the FFN is so excited to have Katrina on board!

Meet Katrina

My first job: Summer research job with the Canadian government
My biggest achievement: Running a federal election campaign and launching my own startup
Favourite book: ooh – tough one. ‘From Paris to the Moon’, ‘Shantaram’ , ‘Love in the Time of Cholera’.
Favourite website: HuffPo and PandoDaily
Favourite quote: Edith Piaf – Je Ne Regrette Riens, and, Mahatma Ghandi ‘ Be the Change you wish to see in the world’
My favourite woman in business and why: Hilary Clinton – for giving women a powerful presence in global affairs, Arianna Huffington – for giving women a strong voice in media, Sheryl Sandberg for forging a bright leadership path for women in business & technology.
My best business advice for new entrepreneurs: Be fearless and shameless. Ask for Help. Help others too. Gather advice and seek expertise but own your decisions.