Meet Ann Quasarano – Founder of The Fairfieldista Blog

By | September 26, 2013

By Holly Hurd

Freelancing often inspires you to start your own venture.  Ann Quasarano was writing two columns for a news website that covered happenings in her local community.  Before that, Ann worked for Warner Bros. before her son was born, organizing premier parties and planning the press for big events.

“I did a lot of red carpet movie premiers including some of the Harry Potter movies,” said Ann. “It was really fun but high stress and lots of pressure.  Celebrity wrangling and the after parties were my responsibility as well.”   After her son was born, she decided to step away from the spotlight to stay home with her new baby.

“I did some PR for local businesses and as my son got older, I found I had more time to build my client base,” she said.  Ann also got a job writing for a local news website.  She covered people and businesses from her hometown each week and was paid for her writing.

But when the blog could no longer pay freelancers, Ann decided to go out on her own.

Working with a designer, someone she knew from her past career in Manhattan, she created her blog and named it Fairfieldista, combining the name of her county with a play on the slang word fashionista.   “It took me a while to get things organized, but I launched in March of this year.”

In the “about” section of her blog, Ann asks, Who has time to drive up and down I-95 and the Post Road looking for the perfect outfit for the school fundraiser, locate that great (undiscovered) caterer, and scour every local newspaper/website/magazine/Twitter & Facebook feed to find all the cool stuff that’s happening in Fairfield County?” 

Ann bills her blog as the place to find everything you need to know about what’s happening in her area. Her blog page allows the reader to search by their own town and under the categories of fashion, food, family or fun.

Ann found that through her interviews and coverage of local businesses there were lots of perks.

“I meet the most interesting people I would never meet otherwise,” she said. “And I’ve been invited to press dinners, asked to host parties for emerging designers and even been invited to cover New York Fashion Week as a blogger.”

She also finds that having her own blog, gives her the flexibility she wants in her life while her son is young but says, “I don’t want to wait to build my resume until after he goes to college.  Doing my blog is helping me get started early.”  This way she’ll have real experience when she goes out to get a job with another company in a few years.

“I love the challenge of finding new and relevant stories to write about for my blog,” she said, adding that her husband and son think it’s pretty cool too.


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