Meet Ann Currie: Secrets of a Home Cook

By | October 22, 2013

How do you turn a simple daily task into a business venture?

That’s what Amy Currie asked herself while preparing meals for her family.  Early in her career, she sold magazine ads, hoping to become a publisher one day.  But after her twins were born, “racing home to get there before the nanny left the house, just wasn’t working…”After leaving my job, I knew I wanted to start something I could do from home.”

All her life, Amy loved to cook. She learned the basics sitting at her grandmother’s kitchen table.

When a friend asked her to cater a party, she agreed.  From that point on, others called her. Amy focused her catering business into preparing foods for serving “before and after” the main course.

“The hostess would do the main course and ask me to do appetizers before the meal and provide dessert for after the meal,” she said.

Although catering business grew, Amy was still more devoted to preparing home cooked meals for her family.  ”I wanted to share the recipes I used myself with other moms,” she said. “I found that celebrity chef recipes don’t always translate to what you’d make for your family.”

Meanwhile, she was becoming an expert in putting together a great meal in 10 minutes, something every mom needs.

“Cooking at home dances between getting food on the table fast and effortlessly while also creating memories and traditions.”

After 9/11 Amy said she went on a “mission to reevaluate my life because so many people in my home town were affected.”

She started collecting the recipes she loved along with recipes from her family and husband’s family with the idea of writing a cookbook.  After looking for a publisher, she decided to publish it herself.

“It took six months (to complete) once I had the content,” she recalled. “I was the writer, editor, designer and producer.  I knew it was a hit, because I became the “Dear Abby” of recipe advice, among friends, neighbors, family, you name it, they called.  I discovered I was quite good at doling out tips and helpful hints to home cooks everywhere.”

So, she promptly published another book and this lead to teaching at a local cooking school and writing assignments for other publications.

This was when Amy wanted to share with a larger audience.   ”I realized I could take what I had done in my books and build a platform on line and through social media.”

She was all-in as a food writer and began adding demonstrations showing how-to videos once a week on a network of New Jersey on-line news sites.  “I was even asked to audition for the TV show “Chopped.”

Amy has focused her goal on becoming the next Rachael Ray or Ina Gartner.

“I’m setting my goals high to see how far I can get,” she said. “I know I have a need to cook and publish to be fulfilled.”

Meanwhile, Amy uses Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and her own blog to build her following and her brand.  She’s big on learning from others in her space and figuring out what they have done to succeed.

What’s her favorite thing to make for her kids and husband?

“I’m really into these ice cream sandwiches made with toasted nuts, dried fruit and chocolate shavings.”   Right now, on her blog is a recipe for mini meat loafs with bacon and BBQ glaze, paired with mashed potatoes – perfect for the fall.  With these kinds of recipes and secrets, this family cook is on her way to sharing her home cooked recipes with the world.

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