Make My Cake by Christine Porcaro

By | September 4, 2012

In New York City it is hard to stand out in such a big crowd. Businesses need to go above and beyond to get noticed and to succeed. In Harlem, there is a great bakery that not only sells an amazing product but provides support in many different forms to its surrounding community. Make My Cake is a business built on tradition, a respect for delicious, well-made food and a love of family. I wanted to highlight this business because above all of that, it is also a business that was inspired, formed, and realized by women.

I had the privilege to talk with Aliyyah Baylor, co-owner of Make My Cake, about the experience of entering one of her bakeries: “Coming to Make My Cake will provide an experience of total comfort. We want people to experience what real hospitality is right in the heart of New York City.”
Aliyyah grew up in a household where dessert was a part of everyday life. It brought family and friends together, indulged their taste buds and started some great conversation. With the amazing recipes of her grandmother Josephine Smith, the brains of her mother Jo-Ann Baylor and her own drive and vision, Make My Cake came into being. It will be celebrating its “Sweet 16” starting this November. I encourage you to check out their website where lists of events throughout the upcoming months will be listed.

Make My Cake is able to go above and beyond because it not only sells a great product but they also make sure that their staff is well trained and just as passionate about their bakery. They have an internship/apprenticeship program where employees are taught hands-on how a bakery is run. The growth of the business, however, does not affect the quality of their product: “If I am not going to eat it, I am not going to sell it, “Aliyyah states proudly. Make My Cake enriches the skills of its employees and at the same time puts out top quality baked goods.

If you are looking to satisfy your sweet tooth in NYC, head straight to Make My Cake.
Upcoming events for Make My Cake include:
NY Food and Wine Festival – October 11th-14th
Demo at De Gustibus – October 25th
Make My Cakes Sweet 16! (Celebrating with different events November, December and January)