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Money Shifts

Financial advisors Marissa Cepelinski and Allison Warnyca provides a creative approach to financial planning. They are committed to making it less of a scary and intimidating topic and more of an empowering one. With discussions exploring our meaning on money and our relationship with this currency of exchange, they work to take away that dark… Read More »

Bento Box Lunches: Cute, Colorful and Easy to Make (Really!) Say “sayonara” to boring old school lunches! This year, add a little color and style to your kids’ mid-day meal with simple bento box meals that are as easy to make, as they are cute. Embrace the Fun Wendy Copley is a “Bento Box Sensei.” The mother of two and founder of discovered… Read More »

Meet Kerry Sparks: Co-Author of Baby Name Book, My Name is Pabst

Kerry Sparks is a co-author of  MY NAME IS PABST: Baby Names for Nonconformist, Indie, Geeky, DIY, Hipster, and Alterna-Parents of Every Kind and a literary agent at  Levine Greenberg Literary Agency. Kerry grew up in rural Oregon and moved to Los Angeles soon after graduating high school. I first met Kerry in 2002 at a clothing… Read More »

How One Woman Makes Bodies Art!

Manon Cormier has been a body paint artist for two years. In this video, she explains how body painting is a form of art. She is hired to paint bodies for many different occasions from corporate events to professional photographers or for private individuals. “I imagine characters I want to bring to life.” said Manon. She… Read More »

How One Business Is Promoting Beautiful Women Of All Sizes!

There is a new modeling agency in town and it is aiming to change the catwalk. Jag, a new modeling agency based out of New York City, is aspiring to change the modeling world. Founders Gary Dakin and Jaclyn Sarka, former directors of Ford models’ plus board, saw an opportunity to develop a new brand… Read More »

“Gluten-Free”-Is it Just Another Fad or a Loud Wake-Up Call?

There are lots of people who are sick to death of hearing about gluten free. Many wonder, “How can a food we have been thriving on for centuries suddenly be so harmful?” It’s easy to understand the skeptics. The hype of celebrities going on gluten-free diets to lose weight and giant food companies putting the… Read More »