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Business Spotlight: One Pinky

Weight Release & Body Image Expert Laura Fenamore supports women around the world to love who they see in the mirror. Having overcome her own battle with addiction, obesity, and eating disorders, Laura released 100 pounds 25 years ago.  She has chronicled this journey in her book, Weightless: The Be Good To Yourself Diet.  Through her guidance,… Read More »

How to Be Healthy On-The-Go!

In this modern world, we are super busy and end up eating out a lot. When food is prepared by someone else, it’s hard to know what all the ingredients are. In fact, there are many hidden ingredients and most restaurants load up on fats, sugars, and salt. Here are 5 Tips to Be Healthy… Read More »

How Different Would Your Life Be If Change Wasn’t So Hard

Every day I meet the most amazing women. What makes me sad is that very few of them believe that about themselves. It’s tough to be a woman today. The demands on your time usually mean that in any given moment you are disappointing somebody. When you are at work you worry that you are… Read More »

How To Eat Yourself Happier by Dorthe Enger

I’ve had an intense love affair with sugar all my life and had no plans of loosing my beloved sweet tooth, until I met the fabulous Digestive Divas. They taught me how cutting out “white death” as my mother-in-law so sweetly calls sugar, can truly increase your quality of life, and how fabulously easy it… Read More »

Tomatoes: Jersey’s Finest Fruit!

Tom(ay)to – Tom(aahh)to!  Whatever way you say it, this Jersey girl is about to “dish” on that amazing fruit (yup it’s a fruit!). But I’m not talking just any tomatoes, I’m talking about the one and only “Jersey Tomato” which, in my humble opinion, is the best of its kind anywhere. Jersey seems to have… Read More »

The Amazing Women Behind Eoils

In her Bikram yoga class, Cheryl MacClusky noticed women putting drops of oil on the edges of their mats and wondered why. MacClusky learned that the women were using essential oils for the calming effects created by the aromas. She went on a quest to learn more about the oils and their healing effects. “I’ve… Read More »