Buh-Bye 2013–Bring on the New Year

By | December 3, 2013

Did I ever tell you that 13 is my lucky number?  Well it is – just love the 1-3 combination.  My eldest daughter Chloe was born on Friday the 13th.  I had a 13 in the first home I bought.  There was, and still is, a 13 in my ex-husband’s business address (I’m receiving alimony for life, go me!).  You get the picture – I’m loving the number 13 – big time!

Naturally, I had great expectations for 2013!  This year did not disappoint the high hopes I had for the Year of the Snake, in the Chinese calendar.

Come January 2013 I was off to St. Marteen, with my friend Robin, to take full advantage of her amazing timeshare and we had a B-L-A-S-T!  OK, truth be told – I got seasick on a boat ride to St. Barts – but no biggie.  Well, that’s if you weren’t on the boat at the time.  Then, when boarding the plane to come home, a nice older couple behind me asked me if I got seasick in the “air.”  They had been on the boat to St. Barts.  I assured them I didn’t get “air” sick.  Still, a handsome man in the seat behind me gave me his name and number on a barf bag on the flight home.

February was eventful, as well.  I turned 49 – yes, my last year in the fifth decade of my life.  My three teenagers gave me an amazing book, including photos of them from birth through the present time.  Priceless, as MasterCard says, and it is to me.

My beau Tom, during a major snowstorm that occurred on my birthday weekend, spent much of it in bed watching Fox News (my least favorite station).  That is, until I threw a nutty and insisted he attempt to shovel a path out of our side door and make another call to the snowplow company.  Later that day, he successfully did so and slammed his car into my daughter’s (her father’s) car sitting in my driveway.  Cha-ching!

Come March, my youngest daughter, Sophie, called the police on my son, Noah, for hitting her while I was having dinner with Tom in Concord – where we live.  As my luck would have it, my cell phone was on the floor of Tom’s car and I missed the 911 calls to me before the real 911 call was made.

Long story short – the police showed up, my daughter Sophie insisted on being taken by ambulance to the local ER, and my eldest daughter, Chloe, was the one who handled the situation.  How so?  She began by telling the police that my youngest daughter provoked the fight by calling my son names, that my son has Asperger’s Syndrome, and that her mom (ME) must have left her cell phone in the car.  All true.

The town cops opted NOT to “arrest” him and Noah thanked me for saving his “ass.”  I then rushed off to the hospital to check on Sophie and pick up Chloe – only to learn that my ex and his wife were on the way.  The most shocking news of all was that Sophie had been given an Ativan to calm her nerves – when clearly it was meant for me.  I took Chloe home, asked my ex to take Sophie for the night to keep her and Noah apart, and all was well.

The “incident” still made it in the local paper under Police Report.

Thankfully, April and May were relatively quiet months – much deserved, if you ask me.

Chloe recently got her driver’s license and I shared with her a couple of things going against her – she’s inexperienced and only 17.  In June, she was having difficulty getting out of my long driveway and had two friends in the back seat.  As she was backing up, she hit Tom’s car on the side of the driveway.  I suggested she put the car in park and allow me to back out of the driveway.  Instead she kept the care in reverse and when I approached the driver’s side from the back of the car, Chloe hit the GAS – not the brakes.  I got sandwiched between my car and Tom’s and the drivers side of the door.  Chloe managed to take the door off of my car to the tune of $1600+.

July – Chloe got a speeding ticket on her way to pick up her brother and sister at my parents home.  A court date ensued and thankfully she was given immunity by the judge who could visibly see her short-comings when it comes to driving.

Sophie spends most of July with my brother, sister-in-law and their three small children babysitting – and proves to be a real pro.

August – relatively quiet month getting ready for school.  The kids spent two weeks on Martha’s Vineyard with their dad for a respite and Noah decided to become a vegetarian – despite his love of seafood.

September – My son started taking Prozac.  Bullet dodged – I no longer need to up my meds.

October — Tom treated me with a trip to Prague, Vienna and Budapest, adding to my Thanksgiving gratitude list come November!

November –Noah is gaining more independence and begins to work at his dad’s pawn shop in the south end of Boston.  I drop him off at the train station in Concord Center and he proceeds to fall asleep on the train into Boston.  Panic ensues and as I’m talking to the Concord Police – he emerges from the train that fortunately didn’t take off in the other direction.

Bad news from my doctor – I was diagnosed with “fat” in my liver.  I just thought I had a fat ass and stomach?  Now my liver?

For the first time in a long time, I didn’t host Thanksgiving.  There was no major waiting on lines in the grocery store, slaving away at the stove and oven for hours/days on end.  Instead, I showed up with a side dish, a pie and a bottle of wine – I’ll drink to that. Or, ah, no I won’t – remember the “fatty” liver?

December – Will prove to be the perfect way to end 2013 with a trip to Ireland for a wedding for Tom’s friends courtesy of Tom’s “American Depressed” card.  I arrive in Shannon just in time for a hat fitting – an ingenious idea of the bride-to-be.  A contest will be held for the best hat – so keep your fingers crossed that I’m the lucky winner (photos to follow).

We end the year with another wedding – of my friend locally – on, you guessed it!  New Years Eve!  I can’t think of a better way to ring in 2014, can you?

So, 2013 will go out with a bang – similar to the way it started.  I wouldn’t change a thing!

Here’s to 2014 – let’s bring it on!

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