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How does female empowerment affect relationships?

In the past two decades we are witnessing a real shift in the number of women who attend colleges and the number of businesswomen holding key positions in the country’s economy. All these changes make people wonder how this new situation will affect the current male-female relationships and how the impact it has on women looking to find a partner. The fact is that the percentage of women who earn more money than men is growing every year and we can freely say that this is something that certainly alters the way we look at relationships in general. We cannot say that women are the “weaker” gender or that they need some kind of protection or help.

Female empowerment is very beneficial for women, but they can also have a positive impact on men too. Modern women are independent and strong and they have a very different view on life and things around them compared to women from the middle of the 20th century. What make these women different is the way they think and the increased security in times when they need to make big decisions. They no longer feel the pressure of the society and what other people think about them. They are always focused on what’s best for them and what they believe is the right thing to do.

These empowered women don’t need a partner in order to feel safe and complete. Although many people believe that this is the reason why modern men avoid empowered women, this is not true. A vast majority of modern men love women who can take care of themselves. After all, they are looking for independent women with strong personality, not for a person who needs constant help and guidance. These women have high self-esteem; high self-confidence and they can fulfill their own needs without any assistance. Of course, this type of women may be daunting for some men because they love women who will depend on them, but fortunately their number is dropping.

Modern women must respect themselves and have positive thoughts. When a woman acts and think in this way, she will certainly start attracting new friends and prospective partners. They are open-minded and straightforward and they can easily find like-minded people.
The only disadvantage of female empowerment is the fact that some women take this thing very seriously and they view this empowerment as a way to fight and bully men. This is certainly not what those who are empowering women want. The basic idea behind this process is to let the women know their true value – men and women are equal. The truth is that men and women should live together and that gender shouldn’t be viewed as some kind of obstacle or advantage in any kind of relationship.

Finally, there are many women who were hurt in a relationship and they’ve lost self-esteem and trust in the opposite gender. This is wrong and it can be fixed only by learning more about the strength of women. Once the self-esteem is back, you can start looking for your new partner. Not all men are the same.

Empowering women and education

There are more and more women who use the opportunity to get a higher education. However, there are still a huge number of women who don’t have a college diploma. There are different reasons for that – some of them have decided to get married and found a family; some of them didn’t have money to upgrade their education etc. What is even worse is that the vast majority of these women will get chances to apply for good job positions, but they won’t have the necessary education. This is the time when they start feeling frustrated and depressed because they didn’t finish their education to degree level. The good news is that there are many grants that can help these women achieve what they have missed when they were younger.

There are many different scholarships that can help women to make progress in their careers by joining a school again and improve their knowledge, no matter if they are married and have children or not. Furthermore, there are numerous NGOs that are always prepared to offer assistance for all the women around the globe by promoting education projects for this category of women. In most countries of the world, the governments themselves have some reserved funds in the budget that are used to empower women directly or by using certain programs and projects. Women who understand the true value of proper education and women that still have the willpower to upgrade themselves, not only when it comes to education, but also when it comes to their personality, are glad to be part of these projects that can help empower themselves. This is a journey on which they can use the help of their spouses in case they are married, but women who are single moms have shown to be equally successful. Regardless of their status, they all share the same goal – they want to reach to the degree level, post graduate, Bachelor’s, PhD and many other degrees. In addition, many women use school grants offered by companies who want to invest in women who didn’t have the chance to continue with their education. Some of them are well-aware that women can provide even better results, but only if they have finished their formal education.

This support has already allowed hundreds of women who were stuck in their lives, to grow and to become successful women. Some of them are even managing big companies after they have finished college. There are many women organizations that which promote projects that encourage women to take professional classes and courses in fields of science and math. These are the areas that women usually avoid. While it is true that in the past colleges were used only by the younger population, today these colleges are open for anyone. It is not unusual to see men and women in their 30s, 40s or even 50s attending classes and taking exams. Education grants are grants that are not exclusively linked to young women. The basic goal is to encourage women of all ages to achieve their goals.

A basic guide to female self-empowerment

As we grow older we realize that life is full of people and situations that will challenge you. Our values and opinions are questioned almost on a daily basis. Some of these situations are completely new and we will have to decide in a really short period of time whether what we are doing is right or wrong. In the end, each individual chooses what suits them the best and builds its own destiny.
What is really important is to look at all these challenges and difficulties with a positive attitude. Instead of looking at these situations as problems you should look them as an opportunity to grow stronger and become smarter. This is the basic meaning of self-empowerment. In other words self-empowerment means giving authority, power and strength to yourself.
Becoming a self-empowered woman is not an easy task. It is a well-known fact that women face more obstacles on this road. Luckily, the women who have succeeded in this task are willing to share their experiences and speed up this process in other women. The following is a shortlist of things and tools that you can use to become self-empowered.
1.    First and foremost, learn how to remove all the doubts you have about your actions and about your personality in general. Once you start perceiving the challenges around you as chances to grow into a better person, you will finish the first stage. Instead of questioning your past action, focus on the things that await you in the future. Make a plan and set realistic goals so you can focus your energy on useful things. In this way you will be able to overcome all the challenges from the moment they appear in front of you.
2.    Forget about the painful memories and negative thoughts from the past. Instead of feeling bad or sorry for the things that happened 5 or 10 years ago, you should learn how to forgive. This is the only way to forget about all these things. If you are living with all those memories you are actually using most of your energy on things that you cannot change. You are practically stuck in the past. Once you clear this space you will have more space in your mind to store new happy moments and better times.
3.    One of the best ways to self-empowerment is to use some tools that have proven to be effective for many people. For example, you can use positive magazines, websites, DVDs, books, eBooks, videos, movies and other media that can help stay on the right track. Remember that this is a long journey and you will need every tool you can find.
4.    Lastly, you should take a closer look at the current relationships you have. While some friends can help you in this task, there are many friends who keep you away from your goals. Try to determine who is who and distance yourself from the people that bring negativity in your life.

Kik – An Exciting Method For Text Messaging

Every few weeks you can see that there are lots of new applications for instant messaging that are popping up on the market. A big majority of them do not make it and fail to bring a necessary attention to them. In order for a text messaging application to be successful and to stay on the market it has to offer something unique and to have some nice new features. Kik messenger is an example of such application, which has succeeded in attracting customers to use their services. Kik usernames are created every day and the Kik community constantly expands throughout the world.

One of Kik`s unique features is that this application comes with a built-in browser inside it. With that browser, the Kik users can search and surf on any website they want. They can also share anything which they find it interesting on the Internet. There are no limitations, so Kik users can exchange and share everything ranging from pictures and images to videos and stickers.

Kik application is created to work on every major platform. No matter whether you are an Android, iPhone, Symbian or Windows Phone user you can download it in a matter of seconds and start contacting with your friends. There are lots of instant messaging services that are available out there, but Kik messenger is especially created for the new generation of smartphones.

What makes Kik different from the other similar instant messaging services? Well, this messenger offers an option for informing the sender about when was his message received and read by the recipient. Lots of times when you send a message by other means, your message gets rejected if the recipient has switched off his cell phone. So in order to avoid having to re-send the message, the sender is immediately informed whether the sent message has been viewed by the recipient.

Another different characteristic in this messenger application is that it allows group chatting inside the application. You can create an own closed group of friends with Kik accounts and chat simultaneously between each other. You may also choose to talk in private with some member of the group chat.

Other great thing that separates this application with the rest is that you can communicate with unknown people worldwide without sharing the number of your phone. All you have to share is just the user ID and nothing else. This allows safe chat without worrying that someone might abuse your phone number. There are also a large number of emoticons available, which cannot be found anywhere else.
Last, but not least is that this messenger works extremely fast, much faster than other regular text messaging services. Interesting and good option is sending a photograph while holding a call, which can hardly be done by other messengers.
Kik messenger constantly improves with new features and updates. Once you install it and start using it, you will surely enjoy this exciting method for text messaging.

Abstract Expressionist Sophia Domeville talks Art & Buddhism

Watch this video as Sophia Domeville talks Art & Buddhism with Fanm Kanson Network.
Filmed & Directed by Francesca Andre.

Francesca Andre, a graduate of Fairfield University is a freelance photographer, including for New York Post. Her work has been published in New York Daily News, News Day, CT Voice, Stamford Advocate, Daily Mail, AOL Patch, Arise magazine, She Caribbean and many more. Francesca also has directed and produced several videos on women for the Fanm Kanson Network. She is a big fan of avocado, and loves to cook especially with organic extra virgin olive oil :) . She is all about learning, growing and evolving.

Spoken Word Artist: Melissa Beauvery

Meet Francesca Andre – a talented photographer and filmmaker who has joined the FFN team. She’s working with FFN co-founder Jane Applegate on Jane’s film and video projects…

In this video Melissa Beauvery, of Haitian parentage, was born in the United States. Growing up in Brooklyn, she was surrounded by the lilt of Creole; the language was very much a part of her everyday experience. Her new spoken-word CD, “My Grandmother’s Tongue”, which the video highlights, depicts her experience as a Haitian-American woman. She talks to Global Voices about her inspiration for the project, the importance of oral tradition, Haitian culture and the close-knit community that is the Haitian diaspora.


Francesca Andre, a graduate of Fairfield University is a freelance photographer, including for New York Post. Her work has been published in New York Daily News, News Day, CT Voice, Stamford Advocate, Daily Mail, AOL Patch, Arise magazine, She Caribbean and many more. Francesca also has directed and produced several videos on women for the Fanm Kanson Network. She is a big fan of avocado, and loves to cook especially with organic extra virgin olive oil :) . She is all about learning, growing and evolving.

Meet Stephanie Sang

FFN introduces Advisory Board member, Stephanie Sang

With each growing week, the FFN is more and more grateful for a board full of fabulous females. This week we introduce Stephanie Sang – a pro when it comes to all things related to grants. And we don’t just mean finding them, we mean finding the perfect fit for you and your company.

As the founder and CEO of Granted Consulting, Stephanie and the company are dedicated to helping small business owners and non profit organizations explore, define, and leverage grant funding in their business strategies. We couldn’t be more excited to have her on board!
Click here to learn more about Granted Consulting!

Meet Stephanie

My first job: Retail at Club Monaco
My biggest achievement: Realizing that family matters more to me than financial success and making changes in my life to support this.
Favourite book: Oh! The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss
Favourite website: Any reliable site that tells me where the next Grant Opportunity is.
Favourite quote: “You get what you get and you don’t get upset.”
My favourite woman in business and why: Cindy Lee, Co-Founder of T&T Supermarkets. Her successes stemmed from identifying a market, taking a risk, and making it happen.
My best business advice for new entrepreneurs: There is no such thing as entitlement in the world of business so don’t expect a ‘free ride’ if you want to be successful.

Want to learn more about grants and the opportunities they hold? Watch this video with Stephanie Sang as she discusses key points of finding the perfect grant.