A Look at Emotional Intelligence by Christine Porcaro

By | September 18, 2012

Forbes released its list of the 100 Most Powerful Women in the World. It was great to see all the amazing women featured and the different roles they have played in shaping the world in which we live.

Looking at this list made me reflect on some of the amazing women I have had the pleasure of working with over the past year. Most recently, I got to sit in on an interview with Colleen Stanley, author of the book Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success.

Colleen is energetic, passionate and intelligent. Hearing her talk about the effects of emotional intelligence (EI) in business definitely taught me a few things about how sales can be improved. This different perspective is very valuable and I am lucky to be able to share some tips from her interview.

Colleen identified two EI skills that can play a major role in sales success. She defined these as the following:
“Self awareness and impulse control are two Emotional Intelligence skills that can dramatically improve a salesperson’s ability to listen more and speak less. Self awareness is the ability to recognize ‘triggers’ that cause nonproductive responses. Impulse control is the ability to delay the temptation to act. It is the ability to LOOK before you leap.”

These are both skills that we have all heard of

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before but not necessarily in relation to sales in business. Being able to identify these EI skills and seeing if you possess them creates a different perspective on how to improve your ability to perform in sales.

There are so many great things to learn in regards to emotional intelligence so I encourage you to read Colleen Stanley’s, “Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success.” This different perspective to approaching sales is both powerful and insightful.
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