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How does female empowerment affect relationships?

In the past two decades we are witnessing a real shift in the number of women who attend colleges and the number of businesswomen holding key positions in the country’s economy. All these changes make people wonder how this new situation will affect the current male-female relationships and how the impact it has on women looking to find a partner. The fact is that the percentage of women who earn more money than men is growing every year and we can freely say that this is something that certainly alters the way we look at relationships in general. We cannot say that women are the “weaker” gender or that they need some kind of protection or help.

Female empowerment is very beneficial for women, but they can also have a positive impact on men too. Modern women are independent and strong and they have a very different view on life and things around them compared to women from the middle of the 20th century. What make these women different is the way they think and the increased security in times when they need to make big decisions. They no longer feel the pressure of the society and what other people think about them. They are always focused on what’s best for them and what they believe is the right thing to do.

These empowered women don’t need a partner in order to feel safe and complete. Although many people believe that this is the reason why modern men avoid empowered women, this is not true. A vast majority of modern men love women who can take care of themselves. After all, they are looking for independent women with strong personality, not for a person who needs constant help and guidance. These women have high self-esteem; high self-confidence and they can fulfill their own needs without any assistance. Of course, this type of women may be daunting for some men because they love women who will depend on them, but fortunately their number is dropping.

Modern women must respect themselves and have positive thoughts. When a woman acts and think in this way, she will certainly start attracting new friends and prospective partners. They are open-minded and straightforward and they can easily find like-minded people.
The only disadvantage of female empowerment is the fact that some women take this thing very seriously and they view this empowerment as a way to fight and bully men. This is certainly not what those who are empowering women want. The basic idea behind this process is to let the women know their true value – men and women are equal. The truth is that men and women should live together and that gender shouldn’t be viewed as some kind of obstacle or advantage in any kind of relationship.

Finally, there are many women who were hurt in a relationship and they’ve lost self-esteem and trust in the opposite gender. This is wrong and it can be fixed only by learning more about the strength of women. Once the self-esteem is back, you can start looking for your new partner. Not all men are the same.