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Are You Ready To Fall In Love? by Lorie Corcuera

When people ask me why they should come to our Spark Essentials retreats, I respond with three words – love, connection, fun. You’re probably thinking, “I have a lot of love, connection and fun in my life already so what’s different?” I then follow up with some additional questions: How does it feel to fall in love? How does it feel to connect with your heart like it’s the first time? How does it feel to experience blissful fun?

Between the three of us Sparkners (myself, Aileen and Trent), we have attended and participated in various personal and professional development programs in North America. We feel very blessed to have had these experiences as they have in their own way shaped who we are today.

However, as much as we have learned and evolved from the programs we have participated in, there was something missing. This is where Spark is different. We want our Spark programs to touch all five senses. We truly want to pamper your soul so that you will feel a deeper connection with yourself and others. When you remove the masks, when you are participating “whole and complete” and in your own skin, that’s when your most authentic and genuine heart shows up. That’s when you fall in love…with you.

We cannot describe what a weekend is like because each are unique. We do not know who will show up and what unique gifts and stories they will share. We cannot describe the magical experience that our participants enjoy because the essence of each weekend is created by all the hearts that come together for that retreat.

When you sign up, the Universe is magically creating the space for you and the other individuals to create a connection you have never felt before. The Universe is determining who will be there for you to serve your needs. The Universe will always take care of you.

We created Spark Creations to ignite one SPARK at a time because we know how it feels when the SPARK is alive. We can share what it felt like for us but that was our experience and you will create your own experience.

Imagine what it will be like to openly receive what comes your way and just trusting that things will happen as it should.

Are you ready to SPARK the light inside of you?

Join the next SPARK Essentials Women’s 2.5 Days Retreat-Style Soul Weekend on Friday, March 22, 2013 to Sunday, March 24, 2013. To receive a $100 discount, email [email protected] by Friday, March 8, 2013.

Also, hear from five extraordinary women on “Rebirth and New Beginnings” at the next SPARK Enrichment Evening on Tuesday, March 26, 2013 at 6:30PM. An intimate setting for 40 women at the beautiful Baldwin Lake House at Deer Lake, Burnaby, BC. Save your spot and register here: