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Meet Katrina Carroll-Foster

FFN introduces Advisory Board member, Katrina Carroll-Foster

With the FFN community growing everyday, we are so pleased to have Katrina on board. Katrina understands what it takes for companies to thrive and grow in the best ways possible.


Katrina is the co-founder of the NYC based e-commerce start-up Hoseanna – a site dedicated to giving women the best options for legwear when and where they need it most. In addition to keeping ladies’ legs outfitted perfectly, she is also a brand & marketing strategist who focuses on growth-oriented start ups.

Katrina has also led marketing, communications and sales for some of BC’s most well-known brands including Intrawest, Opus Hotels, and the Rick Hansen Foundation. She currently leads the Steering Committee Chair for FWE (Forum for Women Entrepreneurs), where she has also served as a mentor and speaker. Katrina previously served on the board of Dress for Success, and founded Y.E.S! (Young Executives for Success).

So, you can see why the FFN is so excited to have Katrina on board!

Meet Katrina

My first job: Summer research job with the Canadian government
My biggest achievement: Running a federal election campaign and launching my own startup
Favourite book: ooh – tough one. ‘From Paris to the Moon’, ‘Shantaram’ , ‘Love in the Time of Cholera’.
Favourite website: HuffPo and PandoDaily
Favourite quote: Edith Piaf – Je Ne Regrette Riens, and, Mahatma Ghandi ‘ Be the Change you wish to see in the world’
My favourite woman in business and why: Hilary Clinton – for giving women a powerful presence in global affairs, Arianna Huffington – for giving women a strong voice in media, Sheryl Sandberg for forging a bright leadership path for women in business & technology.
My best business advice for new entrepreneurs: Be fearless and shameless. Ask for Help. Help others too. Gather advice and seek expertise but own your decisions.

Vancouver: Walk It Off

There are those days when it feels as though nothing has gone right – and we know that everyone has had one of those. Whether it’s family, work, lack of inspiration or motivation… regardless of the point of impact, sometimes the best thing you can do is take a deep breath and relax.

Michelle Kelsey, founder of Nannies on Call, has created a monthly event that will help ease stress, connect you to other women and help you get the big breath of fresh air you need. On the third Tuesday of every month, Michelle is hosting the “Walk in the Woods” gathering, which is held over in beautiful North Vancouver. Take a break. Take a walk. Take care of yourself.

What: Walk in the Woods
When: 3rd Tuesday of every month
Where: Seymour Demonstration Forest
To learn more about Walk in the Woods, click here!


Tick Tock… by Cassandra Carter

Every so often I find myself wishing a day – sometimes even a week – away to get on with the things I love doing. It might be a hike I’ve been planning for a few weeks, or even just a simple date night at home with the boy on a Friday night. My great uncle once pointed out that all the time you wish away will one day be the time you wish you had back – never (ever) wish a day away. Now, whenever I get those moments of angst, I remind myself to count the things that matter and the things that make my day everyday – it’s surprising how fast time will fly if you refocus your thoughts and energy.

Late last week I was cruising through the FFN’s twitter and catching up on the latest with some of our favourite bloggers. Beauty Buzz 411 posted this tweet and the FFN team decided it was only right to share the story of a young Vancouver girl named Lindsey, who has been dealt a difficult hand of cards. At only 16 years old, Lindsey has been diagnosed with leukemia and may only have a few more months to live.


The video below shares a bit more about Lindsey’s story.

Lindsey’s dad, Tony, has contacted the Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver and is setting up a girls weekend for her so she can spend some precious time with her sister and best friends. The girls will be there from Wednesday, August 29th – Saturday, September 1st.

Crystal Jensen from Beauty Buzz 411 has taken a great step in helping set up goodie bags full of fun, pretty and girly items! Crystal is looking for companies and brands who would be interested in donating items for the 4 girls (aged 16-18). She has set up arrangements with the Four Seasons Hotel that all donations can be dropped off at the hotel under Crystal’s name before this Tuesday, August 28th. If you are interested in participating, please contact Crystal at [email protected]

If you have any questions, please let us know or send Crystal a Tweet! And the next time you are bored and wish the day would hurry up, take a second and count all the things you are grateful for and all the things that make you smile – never (ever) wish a day away.

Welcome to NYC!

FFN Welcomes New York!
There is no city in the world that emanates business more than the Big Apple, and we at the Fabulous Female Network are very excited to open up and share our NY chapter with all of you.

One thing the FFN Team is most excited for is exploring all the new talent in NYC. We cannot wait to hear and discover new companies, blogs, shops and of course, fabulous females. If you would like to contribute from the big city or know someone who should, let us know! We can’t wait to hear from you!

FFN Beauty Council: Scottie Dunn

Every girl needs a favourite hairdresser and ours is Scottie Dunn.

Scottie works closely with his clients to develop styles that are modern, sexy and effortless. He’s worked with everyone from celebrities to models to local socialites. Not only is he a fabulous hairstylist, he’s the sweetest guy you’ll ever meet and a walking encyclopedia on beauty tips. What more could a girl want??!


Meet Scottie:

My favourite website: dlisted
Product I can’t live without: St.tropez self tanner
My favourite book: The art of happiness by the Dalai Lama
My favourite quote: I dress for the image. Not for myself, not for the public, not for fashion, not for men. -Marlene Dietrich (German-American Actress, 1901-1992)
I would do a makeover on _______ because _______?: It would actually be a make under on Pamela Anderson because I would love to see her with a more polished understated look.
My best beauty tips: Lots of water and sleep and lasers, lasers, lasers.

To learn more about our Beauty Council, click here!
To learn more about Scottie and the rest of our team, click here!