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A Board Filled with Fabulous Females

We are proud and excited to share our fabulous advisory board with you.

We have put together a group of high profile business women, entrepreneurs and authors to give you the best answers and advice possible. To make sure you get to know them that better, we will introduce a new member from our board every week. So please take the opportunity to let us know what you would like to know more about and what board member you would like us to direct your questions to.

Inspiring Tuesday

Every Tuesday we will be featuring fabulous business advisors, authors, and entrepreneurs to help answer your questions and give you the best advice for your business.

Meet Heather White

FFN introduces Advisory board member, Heather White
We are very proud to have the fabulous business and life coach, Heather White as part of our Advisory Board. She helps clients strike that sweet spot between grounded self-care and accelerated profitability – because booming growth should be blissful.

As the CEO of 2020 Communications Inc., Heather is based in Vancouver BC, but frequently travels throughout North America to ignite organizations into action. She’s passionate about helping clients create the life that matches their authentic way of operating, so that they can share their natural gifts and talents with the world.

For those seeking a confident guide to galvanize their business and life, you may have found what you’re looking for in Heather White.

Click here to learn more about Heather and her work!

Meet Heather:

My first job: Babysitters Club
Favourite book: That’s so tough…I’m a bit of a book worm. I’ve got to be close to 1000 self help books by now. I’m fascinate with self-realization and therefore enjoy each and every perspective on getting closer to my essence. I’m going to go with Floor Sample by Julia Cameron – a memoir about her life. As an aspiring writer I found it captivating to read about her journey in such a compelling, vulnerably honest way.
Favourite website: Twitter
Favourite quote: “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” – Rumi
A second favourite is: “In the end, everything will be ok. If it’s not ok, it’s not the end.”
My favourite woman in business and why: Louise Hay. She didn’t really excel in business until she was in her 50′s. and today her brand Hay House is the largest self-help publishing house in the world. I love her because of her conviction around topics that have been labelled ‘airy fairy’ in times where they weren’t as main stream as they are today. Now in her 80′s she still starts new adventures including recently learning to dance. She’s an inspiration in so many ways and she reminds me that “it ‘aint over til it’s over”, in other words, it’s never too late.
My best business advice for new entrepreneurs: Always trust your gut! Don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know”, followed by “I need help.”

Be sure to take a look at this video where Heather shares what it means to be your most authentic self.

The NYTimes Small Business Summit + The Top 100 List

We are excited to share a clip from the NYTimes Small Business Summit featuring one of our founders, Jane Applegate. Jane shares some information on her latest entrepreneurial venture, Small Biz World TV. SBWT features business tips and advice from top small business experts and had the amazing opportunity to partake in the NYTimes Small Business Summit. The event is a highly anticipated interactive leadership program. It is designed to help and educate small business owners on how to improve their business results. You can read more about the summit here.

In other exciting news, you might remember this post announcing Jane’s exciting nomination for the 2012 Small Business Influencer Awards in the U.S. Well, looks like she made it to the top 100 list as an Expert Small Business Influencer! Congratulation Jane! The FFN Team couldn’t be prouder! Read more about her award here!